​Did you know that Mother's soft drink intake during pregnancy is tied to child's obesity risk?

Thursday, August 17th, 2017

It is well established that gaining the right amount of weight during pregnancy is as important as the quality of the diet. The diet of pregnant women is strongly associated with children’s health and predisposition to medical conditions.

Recent studies have shown that women who had non-diet sodas (or sugar-sweetened beverages) during pregnancy are more likely to have kids who carry extra body fat by age 7. However, a higher BMI in kids was surprisingly NOT reported with maternal consumption of juices and diet sodas. This association was found independently of mothers' weight, race or ethnicity, the child's gender or the amount of soda children themselves drank. 

Protect your kids by aiming for a healthier diet during your pregnancy...

By Ms. Ayla Coussa

Clinical Dietitian