8 tips for proper management of high blood pressure during Ramadan

Thursday, June 16th, 2016

1- Never skip your medications

2- Remember to stay well-hydrated between Iftar and Suhoor

3- Choose healthy foods to break your fast and focus mostly on salads and proteins 

4- Reduce your salt consumption and beware of hidden salt such as in pickles, salty nuts, olives, dough, …

5- Do not forget to stay physically active, at least a few times per week

6- You can take your blood pressure lowering medications at Suhoor and/or Iftar depending on whether it is prescribed for once or twice daily use 7- If you take your medications three times daily, consult with your physician to adjust your regimen 

8- Immediately contact your physician if you feel dizzy or you notice your BP readings are either too high or too low 

By Dr. Rana Abou Mrad 

Specialist Nephrology and Hypertension /Internal Medicine