Diabetes patient gets pregnant spontaneously after 8 years

Monday, May 9th, 2016

"Her eyes were full of tears and she was speechless" describes Dr Sara El Ghandour, Endocrinology and Diabetes Specialist at Bareen International Hospital. "Few were the moments were I had an opportunity to deliver good news in my speciality, but this one was exceptional". 

Patient, N.S.A, is a 28 year old lady from Yemen, who has been seeking help for fertility for the past 8 years and achieved a spontaneous pregnancy after controlling her diabetes. 

She was known to have uncontrolled diabetes for several years that could not be managed properly.

She resorted to professional help from fertility centers for treatment. When visiting Dr Ghina Shami, Specialist OB/GYN-IVF, at Fakih IVF Clinic in Dubai, the patient was advised to seek treatment for her Diabetes first before moving forward with infertility treatment. Dr Ghina referred her to the Diabetes and Hypertension Center at Bareen International Hospital in Mohammed Bin Zayed City Abu Dhabi, where she was admitted to the hospital due to her uncontrolled and life-threatening diabetes.

N.S.A. received personalized treatment and care from Dr Sara and the clinical dietitian Ms Ayla Coussa, who monitored her case closely and provided her with the necessary medication and helped her adapt healthier lifestyle changes. She was compliant with monthly visits for a couple of months and her diabetes could be controlled.

The patient and her husband said that they are forever grateful to Dr Sara, Dr Ghina and the rest of the medical team for helping them throughout the process and for helping them achieve their long awaited dream.

Bareen International Hospital and staff would like to congratulate the expecting couple and wish them a safe and healthy pregnancy journey.