Dr. Amr Mohammed Specialist Orthopedic Surgery

Dr. Amr received his Medical Degree from Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt. He completed his Masters in Orthopedic Surgery and became a lecturer in Orthopedic Surgery Department of the same university.  

Dr. Amr previously worked at Al Salama Hospital, Abu Dhabi as a Specialist Orthopedic Surgeon until July 2016. He worked at Ain Shams University as a Lecturer until 2014, and as an Orthopedic Resident in 2009. Moreover, he also worked as a Specialist Orthopedic Surgeon, at Wadi El Nil Hospital, Egypt and El Nozha International Hospital, Egypt in 2012. He has a vast experience dealing with elective surgical operations, Orthopedic emergency Room and Traumatology, emergency surgical operations, inpatient ward: preoperative and postoperative care, General Surgery, as well as Arthroscopy.