Dr Nasir Nawasreh Specialist Family Medicine

Dr. Nasir Nawasreh is Family Medicine Specialist, who graduated in 1998 with an MBBS had experience in both Middle East and UK over the last 17 years.

In his early medical training, he gained vast experience at King Hussain Medical City (one of the largest hospitals in the Middle East) then moved to the UK NHS for further education and training,  where Dr. Nawasreh completed his high certificate in Public Health - Sheffield University and Diploma in Management of Asthma Patients - UK Respiratory Education - Wales, and also gained a Diploma in training for 6 months in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Halamashire Hospital Sheffield. He also trained in Geriatric Medicine NHS setting hospitals and institutes, Dr Nasir also gained vast A&E experience in one of the busiest hospitals in the North Doncaster Trust.

Most of Dr. Nawasreh's experience lies in Acute Medicine and Trauma and Emergency Medicine, in addition to being a Family Medicine Specialist and taking the care of all family members, treating all types of diseases and providing prevention methods. 

Dr Nawasreh’s clinical interests include the quality of life and health, and maintaining healthy body organs throughout the life span.

Currently Dr Nawasreh is the Chief and Head of the Emergency Department at Bareen International Hospital.