Dr. Saima Maqbool Medical Practitioner

Dr Saima completed her Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery,  at Liaquat University of Medical & Sciences, in Pakistan. 

Dr Saima has experience as a Medical Practitioner across quite a few departments including Obstetrics & Gynecology, Internal Medicine, General Medicine, Radiology and more.

Before joining Bareen International Hospital, Dr Saima worked at Tehsil Head Quarter Hospital in Pakistan where she was a General Practitioner in the OB/GYN department and was 

responsible for:  Physical Examinations & Gynecological Examinations for: Vaginal Discharge, Pregnancy, Infertility & Ectopic Pregnancy as well as performing gynecology related procedures.  

Clinical Expertise: 

- Patient Management 

- Gynaecological Exams 

- Normal Deliveries 

- C-Sections 

- Pregnancy Management 

- Emergency Management