Ms. Ayla Coussa Clinical Dietitian

Ms. Ayla Coussa is licensed by the American and Canadian Orders of Dietetics and is the Clinical Dietitian at Bareen Hospital. Prior to joining Bareen Hospital, Ms. Coussa ran a private practice in dietetics in two polyclinics in Montreal, Canada. Ms. Coussa is specialized in diabetes and weight management and was involved in patients counseling at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal, Canada. Ms. Coussa played a pioneer role in introducing Nutrigenomix©, which is the nutritional analysis test using genetic testing, into the Quebec market in 2012. She has previously worked in Aleppo, Syria on starting-up a dietetic practice in private hospitals. Ms. Coussa has also been involved in academia as a teacher assistant at McGill University (Montreal, Canada) since 2010 and as a guest lecturer in the Department of Dietetics & Human Nutrition since 2012. As a registered dietitian and an ongoing advocate of public wellbeing, Ms. Coussa developed the first Arabic version of the Diabetes Prevention and Management Nutrition tool for the Canadian Diabetes Association. Ms. Coussa’s areas of expertise involve cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension and obesity.

Membership: Professional Dietetics Order in Quebec, American Commission on Dietetic Registration, Canadian Diabetes Association, American Diabetes Association, Diabetes Quebec Association. 

Education: Ms. Coussa completed her Bachelor degree in Dietetics & Human Nutrition at McGill University (Montreal, Canada) in 2011. She went on to complete her Master’s degree in Human Nutrition at McGill University. Ms. Coussa also received certifications in Eating Disorders and Pre & Postnatal nutrition and physical activity counseling.

Languages: Arabic, English, French and Spanish.