Job Opportunities

Join the passionate league of professionals at Bareen International Hospital

Bareen International Hospital is a multispecialty hospital situated in Mohammed Bin Zayed City.  At the heart of our success are passionate people who deliver exemplary care to our guests. If you are driven and passionate about what you do and want an exciting career path, welcome to Bareen family.

Specialist Cardiologist (with HAAD license)

Specialist Urologist (with HAAD license)  

Specialist Orthopedic Surgeon (with HAAD license)  

Specialist Gastroenterologist (with HAAD license)  

Specialist ENT (with HAAD license)  

Specialist Pediatrician (with HAAD license, Female)  

Specialist Obstetrician and Gynecologist (with HAAD license, Female, preferably Arabic-speaking)  

Specialist Dermatologist (with HAAD license)  

Specialist - Internal Medicine (with HAAD license, Female) 

Cosmetic Dentist (with HAAD license, Female, preferably Arabic-speaking)  

Chief Pharmacist (with HAAD license) 

Physiotherapist (with HAAD license)  

Laser Hair Technician (with HAAD license)  

Anesthesia Technician (with HAAD license)  

Midwives (with HAAD license, Female)  

Phlebotomist (with HAAD license, Female)

Sales Executive (Male, preferably Arabic-speaking, with healthcare experience, especially in Abu Dhabi territory).

Receptionist (Female, preferably Arabic-speaking)

Please send your CV to with the specialty mentioned in the subject line.