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Gastroenterology or Hepatology

The Gastroenterology and Hepatology Department at Bareen International Hospital provides a comprehensive array of diagnostic ‎and therapeutic treatments for all illnesses related to: heartburn, indigestion, bloating, spastic colon, inflammatory bowel disease, constipation, diarrhea, blood per rectum, fatty liver & more.

Our highly specialized doctors perform all endoscopic gastrointestinal procedures including ERCP, Diagnostic and therapeutic treatment for diseases and disorders affecting the adult gastrointestinal tract (esophagus, stomach, colon), liver and pancreas.

Our staff are equipped with the latest diagnostic tools and state-of-the-art equipment that give them the added edge they need to identify and treat these intestinal conditions.

Gastric Balloon

The Gastric Balloon is a soft, expandable balloon inserted into the stomach and filled with sterile water. It is a non-surgical, temporary intervention and is removed.

Gastric Balloon discharge Instructions:

General Information:

Do not drive, operate machinery, make critical decisions, or do activities that require coordination following your procedure for the rest of the day.

Medications given during your procedure may cause light-headedness, dizziness, or sleepiness. If you experience any of these symptoms, please lie down and rest.

For tenderness, redness and swelling at the IV site, apply warm moist heat for twenty minutes at a time.


Stage 1-Clear Fluids

From Day 0 to 2

  • Clear broth, unsweetened clear juice, coffee/tea and water
  • Sugar free or low calorie popsicles, ice chips, fruit squashes and/or Jello

Stage 2- Full liquid diet

    From Day 3 to Day 5 You may introduce

  • Low-fat or fat-free dairy products:milk, soya milk, yogurt and/or cream soups
  • Unsweetened fruit juices

Stage 3- Soft or pureed diet

From day 5 to 10 You may introduce:

  • Porridges, mashed potato and vegetables, scrambled egg, chicken or meat blended with a low fat sauce, gravy, stewed fruits, mashed banana

Stage 4- Regular diet

After 10 days

  • All texture foods are tolerated!

What to do?

  • Opt for 3-4 small frequent meals and snacks, instead of three big meals
  • Aim for an early supper or evening snack to avoid discomfort
  • Wait at least 2 hours after eating before going to bed
  • Drink at least 1.5- 2 liters of fluid per day to avoid constipation

What not to do?

  • Fuzzy, sprinkling drinks and water drinks will make you feel bloated and uncomfortable
  • Alcohol can irritate the stomach
  • Avoid smoking on an empty stomach
  • Stop eating as soon as you feel full to avoid nausea, reflux and vomiting


  • Avoid strenuous exercise for at least 4 weeks post-surgery. Scuba diving and the practice of combat and extreme sport are not advised in any circumstances.
  • It is advisable to give it a week for your body to adapt before engaging in any important activity. You may resume your usual activities shortly after the procedure. A physical activity program will help you lose more weight and reaching your goal faster.


  • After your procedure, you may continue your home medications, as usual, unless an adjustment has been made by your physician.
  • You may experience stomach discomfort, acid reflux; nausea and vomiting in the early days (3dayes for 2 weeks).Your doctor will prescribe a treatment to alleviate those symptoms. In rare cases the balloon has to be removed.

Frequently Asked Questions?

How many kg will I lose?

You may lose between 10 to 25 kg in 6 months if it is combined with nutritional and behavioral treatment. Further weight loss is possible even after removal of the balloon.

Will I regain weight after the balloon is removed?

Continuation of the nutritional and behavioral follow-up makes it possible to avoid regaining weight after the removal of the balloon, if not losing more weight.

Why must the balloon be removed after 6 months?

The balloon becomes porous as a result of the gastric juices after 6 month. It may deflate and move into the intestine, which could eventually lead to intestinal obstruction and an emergency operation is then required. Furthermore, the stomach gets used to the balloon effect after 6 months and it will no longer cause a feeling of stomach fullness.

Dietary changes and food choices to achieve your goal

How will I eat with the balloon?

You may adapt a normal diet after insertion of a balloon. However, a recovery phase may be required and progression to a regular diet depends on the symptoms (if any). The faster feeling of fullness makes it possible to reduce the amounts ingested and the dietitian will assist you with healthy dietary changes and food choices to achieve your goal.

Will I feel the balloon in my stomach?

The only sensation created by the balloon is a feeling of stomach fullness. What about pregnancy with the balloon? Pregnancy is contraindicated with the balloon. If you ever become pregnant, it is recommended to remove the balloon at the second trimester.


Increasing abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and/or the inability to keep liquids down.

If you notice a change in the colour of your urine (blue/green colour) this may indicate a leakage in the balloon, it is vital that you call your doctor immediately.

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Gastric Botox

Gastric Botox is an endoscopic procedure in which the stomach will be injected through an endoscope (scope goes through the mouth down to stomach) with Botulinum Toxin (same one used for facial wrinkles) to temporarily relax the gastric muscles which will give a satiety feeling and thus reduce the amount of food consumption.

You can lose from 5-15 KG over 3-6 months period by doing this outpatient, 20 minutes, safe procedure.

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