Dr. Talaat Elabd Specialist Anesthesia

Before joining Bareen International Hospital as Specialist Anesthesia, Dr Talaat worked as an Anesthesia and ICU specialist at (AFHSR) Armed Forces Hospital, Southern Region in Saudi Arabia for over 13 years, and before that he worked as Specialist Anesthesia and ICU in Hai Al-Jamea Hospital in Jeddah and had worked for a couple of years as a Specialist Anesthesiologist in Egypt earlier in his career. Dr Talaat completed his MBBCh then his Masters in Anesthesia and Intensive Care at Alexandria University, then moved on to do his PHD at Banha University and finally completed his European Diploma of Anesthesia and ICU at  University College Hospital in London, UK. 

Memberships include: Membership of The College of Anaesthetists of Ireland - Arab Board of Anesthesia and ICU.